Natural Health Consultant BSc. (Hons) Ost. Med. D.O. N.D

Coby is a highly respected Osteopath, Naturopath and Elite Athletes Yoga coach.

With a big list of celebrity clients, Coby’s professional experience includes :

-14 years in clinical practice
-20 years as a yoga instructor
-2 years working within the injury rehab department at Liverpool Football Club, as personal yoga trainer and osteopath to Steven Gerrard and his team mates.

Coby is acknowledged by the Head Doctor, Dr Peter Brukner as making “a significant contribution to the reduction in injury rates” at Liverpool Football Club.

Committed to furthering accessibility in the public to knowledge for pain resolution and keeping your body functioning as it should, Coby has stepped beyond the clinic setting into the world of products, lecturing and media.

Coby lectures worldwide and her back pain, neck pain and headache resolution programs are sold Internationally.

Media experience includes :

– Manchester evening News health column
– Articles published in yoga magazines worldwide
– Live morning yoga for Channel M
– Regular contributions to BBC Radio Manchester
– GMTV back pain resolution experiment

Coby is an experienced presenter and passionate about creating and developing effective health programs. She has an authentic, disarming and calm approach which and draws out trust in her patients and viewers.

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